Sue Daniel

Sue Daniel is a psychodramatist (Trainer, Educator & Practitioner – TEP). She is also an individual and group psychotherapist, and consulting psychologist in private practice, in Melbourne and online. Sue is the Director of the Psychodrama Institute of Melbourne. She founded the Moreno Psychodrama Society (MPS), the Australian and Aotearoa Board of Psychodrama (AABP), and the e-Journal, ‘The Mirror’. She teaches and lectures in institutes, organisations, universities and congresses worldwide. Sue is a prolific writer on role theory; recent articles include ‘A Psychonaut in Cyberspace: Current Trends in Psychodrama’. Japanese Association of Group Psychotherapy Journal, 2021, 37(1), and ‘All Hands on Deck!‘ The Mirror, e-Journal of MPS, 2022, 19.

Vortrag / Lecture

Im ‚Augenblick‘
Was bedeutet es, im ‚Hier und Jetzt‘ in der Einzel- und Gruppenpsychotherapie zu sein, in Bezug auf Jacob Levy Morenos Kon-zept des ‚Augenblicks‘?

In ‘The Moment’.
What does it mean to be in the ‘here and now’ in individual and group psychotherapy, as it relates to Jacob Levy Moreno’s con-cept of ‘The Moment’?


Rollen-Theorie in Aktion
In diesem erlebnisorientierten Workshop werden wir die Dimensionen der Rollen-Theorie erforschen, wie sie in der Praxis der Einzel- und Gruppenpsychotherapie angewandt werden, unter Berücksichtigung des zentralen psychodramatischen Konzepts des ‚Augenblicks‘. Sue wird zeigen, wie dieses Konzept eng mit der Rollen-Theorie verbunden ist und in verschiedenen Diszipli-nen und Umgebungen anwendbar ist.

Role Theory in Action.
In this experiential workshop we will explore the dimensions of role theory as applied in the practice of individual and group psychotherapy, keeping in mind the central psychodramatic concept of ‘The Moment’. Sue will demonstrate how this concept is intimately related to role theory and applicable in a range of disciplines and environments.