3 hour workshop

Living in bubbles makes spontaneous encounters a real challenge. Come and create with us the new ‘here’ from our non-perfect world. Let’s explore limits and possibilities and how to bring this iWorld to the social world.
We are using sociodrama to feel the world from different perspectives and connect beyond any kind of borders. Our world may not be perfect right now but we will have fun creating the new ways with you.

So what would you bring in the new iWorld? An electrical guitar, a doughnut or a dream? Bring it along and be ready to share this valuable thing with others. You can present a real item, photo or just a description.

The workshop will be directed in English mixed with Deutsch.

Pichlhöfer, Christine, MSc, DSAin, geschlechter- und kultursensible Psychodrama- Psychotherapeutin (Lehrtherapeutin mit partieller Lehrbefugnis, PD/ÖAGG). Fokussierung auf marginalisierte Gruppen. www.pichlhoefer.eu

Dr Ioanna Psalti is trained in Sociodrama and integrates creative action methods to manage diversity and identity issues surfacing in multinational organisations. Originally from Greece, Ioanna is based in the UK and works as an organisational and strategy advisor across the European Union. https://dimeltd.com/

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